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About Us

When many of us look around and see things that cause us to feel concerned we wish we could find a meaningful way to make a difference. We are a close-knit group of friends who have over the years forged strong bonds of mutual support. Over the last fifteen years we have had unforgettable moments both of celebration and of succour in times of need. We believe that it is time that we now use the same strong bonds to find ways to help communities around us that are disadvantaged and less fortunate than we are.

Like most people we witnessed the rise of the "millennium city" Gurgaon with admiration but viewed the cost of this with dismay and indignation. And there came a moment when we could no longer remain mute bystanders. We also realised that there was no point making grandiose schemes that would never fructify or that would run out of steam very quickly. We wanted to make a discernable and tangible difference quickly and in ways that are practical and manageable.

We decided to focus on projects where we believe, we could make a difference and where there was a practical means to do so. Education, we feel, is fundamental to peace and social change. To put it simply, Education is the very force that enables people to enrich and enhance their own humanity; driving to safeguard the sanctity of life.

We believe in laying the foundation of development through education, provide basic elementary education, and prepare the children to integrate into regular schools. Teach them values and morals of society, develop life-skills, help them harness their energies and passion towards achieving a focus in life and work towards it with all sincerity.

 Trustees & Members

Amit Jain                        Sangeeta Gupta                        Rupin Jayal
Priyanka Sharma            Sumer Datta                             Alok Gupta
Bhavna Jain                    Gaurav Sharma                        Parul Datta
Riti Kapoor                     Ritika Sood                              Rohit Agarwal
Sandeep Ahuja               Sunit Mathur                            Vinita Ahuja