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Why BG Foundation ?

  • Conscience
    • A group comprising executives, self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs who want to share their time and resources amongst those less fortunate
    • Seek to compensate for deficiencies in areas where we can make a difference
  • Care
    • Ensure sustainable projects rather than one-offs
    • Discernable impact amongst the communities where we contribute
    • Partnership with the communities concerned rather than unidirectional contribution
    • Focus on clearly identified areas rather than take up a diverse portfolio of projects
    • Financial, expertise and time contribution
  • Contribution
    • Child education -Make a discernable and tangible difference quickly and in ways that are practical and manageable
    • It has been our endeavour to support the government of India’s initiatives towards zero child labour aiming at rehabilitating these children from the identified slum areas
    • Provide them with opportunity to learn and train through the special schools/learning centres established by the foundation and mainstream them to the formal education system
    • The foundation aims to help empower these children and help them evolve as better citizens.