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Established in 2008 under BG Foundation, Bal Gyaan has set up learning centers in slum areas around Gurugram for young children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These are primarily children of migrant labour and they lack the opportunity to get formal education. Currently, we have learning centers functioning in Samaspur and Tigra village Our Learning Centers expose the students to numeracy literacy. We prepare and encourage them to pursue their education in mainstream schools free of cost (municipal, government or low – income private schools) and guide them through their education journey by providing them with any assistance they might require. Mission & Vision
Aimed at providing an inclusive & quality education opportunity to children from identified slum areas completely free of cost through Learning Centers established by us with LEAD. LEAD: Learning, Exposure, Activities & Development
We wish to provide the students with a safe and happy environment where they can come to learn, explore and develop good values to help them evolve as better citizens.  

We work with volunteers and partner NGOs to conduct classes and workshops of extra-curricular activities to develop their creativity and self-expression.
 Give them an exposure to the world, an appreciation for the diversity of our country and inculcate a love & tolerance for all faiths, beliefs and cultures. 120+ students in learning centers every year 500+ students have been mainstreamed into the formal education system 20+ have been enrolled in private schools 

 Some of the various activities undertaken at the learning centers are 

  • Daily supervision of teaching, vocational training and administration of the centres 
  • 1 mid-day meal supervised daily for nutritional content and quality 
  • Stationery kits comprising school bag, tiffin box, notebook, crayon box, worksheet, eraser, sharpener
  • Provision of uniforms for all the students for summer and winter 
  • Medical camps are organized to track their well-being and provide them with basic medical support 
  • Celebration of festivals, Sports day, and other events for the students 
175 Students enrolled in Govt School
540 children Education in 2008
70+ Mentors Skill & Development

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