Umeed Ki Kiran​

Ration Distribution to Everyone

The first lockdown of Covid-19 pandemic put the entire county in turmoil. With daily wage labourers migrating as they struggled to find food to eat, we knew we couldn’t just sit and watch.
Thus began Umeed Ki Kiran – an initiative that started by distributing food, ration, supplies and masks to those in need. Now, UKK works in disaster management and environment issues.

  • Aims to address issues related to environment and disaster management.
  • To provide sanitation facilities in the schools and encourage hygiene
  • To implement a plastic waste recycling program WASH Advocacy: to make the local community aware about their rights & enable them to raise their voices towards the authorities responsible for delivering WASH services
  • To provide clean, portable water solution in partnership with Waves for Water.
  • During and post lockdown, delivering essential supplies – rations as well as hygiene kits – to families in dire need in Delhi-NCR

Helping Everyone

Some of our work includes – providing warm clothes and blankets to marginalised communities in the cold, harsh winter, distributing menstrual hygiene products for women from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing food, clothes and supplies to those affected by disasters like house fires, rain floods etc. 

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