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BG Foundation established Started with Baal Gyaan program Centre 1 (Umang, for 50 children) started in Shamaspur village, Gurgaon


Center 2 (Umeed, 2 shifts of 25 children each) started in Jharsa village, Gurgaon


Centre 3 (Ujala, for 75 children) started in Tigra village, Gurgaon


Vocational training started for females – sewing class for 300 ladies

BG Foundation established Started with Baal Gyaan program Centre 1 (Umang, for 50 children) started in Shamaspur village, Gurgaon

Centre 3 (Ujala, for 75 children) started in Tigra village, Gurgaon

Center 2 (Umeed, 2 shifts of 25 children each) started in Jharsa village, Gurgaon

Vocational training started for females – sewing class for 300 ladies